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Carriage Homes Policies
Vehicles   Pets   Trash   Smoking   Decks   Grilling   Quiet Hours   Snow Removal   Power Outages   Seasonal Reminders

for additional information and clarification please refer to
The Carriage Homes Condominium Association Bylaws and The Neighborhoods at Woodland Pond
Homeowners Association Bylaws
and any associated amendments and/or articles

  Speed: Residents are to travel at a safe rate of speed at all times, not to exceed 15 miles per hour.
  Trafic Circles: Residents are to drive COUNTER CLOCKWISE around each circle and should not cut across traffic circles
  Parking: All vehicles must be registered with the Condominium Association.  If you change vehicles, please notify Evergreen Management (owners) or Carriage Homes at Woodland Pond LLC (tenants).

All units are limited to two vehicles.  Residents must park one of their vehicles in their assigned garage.  The other vehicle shall be parked in a parking space in front of or next to the residents’ building. 

Upon receipt of the Vehicle Registration Form, each unit will be given 2 Carriage Homes parking placards, to be hung from the rear view mirror.  For flexibility, it is recommended that one placard be kept in each vehicle. 

Residents in violation of parking more than 1 vehicle in front of their building shall be fined as follows: $100 for the first offense; $200 for the second offense and $200 and a tow thereafter.

Guest Parking:  All guest parking shall be on the north side of Knollwood Way, not near the fire hydrant. The end of Knollwood Way is not to be used for parking.
  Motorcycles: These vehicles are to be parked in the unit owner's garage or directly in from of the unit owner's garage door (but not in a manner that interferes with traffic flow).
  Trailers/Boats: No storing of trailers or boats is permitted on the Carriage Homes property. Trailers, storage trailers or boats may be brought on the property for up to 72 hours for loading/unloading or cleaning. The vehicle or trailer should be parked in a spot that does not interfere with traffic or parking.
  Large Gatherings: If you are having party or other gathering guests should park on Knollwood Drive or in the Woodland Clubhouse lower parking lot.
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  click here for the Carriage Homes Condominium Association Pet Rules & Regulations
  Pets (for the purposes of this policy pet is defined as a domesticated dog or cat):

Pet owners MUST register and obtain advanced written approval from the Board of Directors BEFORE said pet is brought to the property or be subject to a $100 fine. Visiting pets will come under the same scrutiny as resident pets and the unit owner is responsible and liable for the actions of the visiting pet­.

  • Only dogs and cats may be kept in a unit.
  • No more than two (2) pets per unit with not more than one of them being a dog.
  • Owner and pet MUST meet with members of the Board prior to the Board granting approval. Breed restrictions apply as well as past history of property damage and/or biting.
  • No pet may be kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purposes.
  • Proof of current liability insurance, vaccinations, and valid license must be submitted and maintained.
  • All pets must be kept inside the unit unless leashed and accompanied by a responsible person who will at all times carry a plastic bag or pooper-scooper to facilitate immediate pickup and disposal of any excrement from the pet(s). At no times are pets to defecate or urinate on the landscaped common areas.
  • At no time is any pet(s) to be on a leash or run which is attached to any building, tree, or other structure on any Common Area or Limited Common Area.
  • No pet(s) shall create unreasonable noise, odor, or be allowed to disturb other residents.
  • Any pet(s) found to be a nuisance or deemed unsafe by the Board of Directors may be subject to a removal order.
  • Violation of these Rules will be subject to the following fines:
    • First-time warning may be given and may carry a fine of $25
    • Second warning will be subject to a $50 fine
    • Third offenses will be subject to a $75 fine and, at the Board’s discretion, the owner(s) may be required to remove said pet from the property.
    • For each violation thereafter, $100.
    • Assessed fines that have not been paid in fifteen (15) days shall be subject to late charge of $25. All fines will be collected from the owner(s).
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  All Carriage Homes occupants and their guests are responsible for the proper disposal of trash from their units into the dumpsters provided. The dumpsters are located adjacent to the parking areas. All trash must be bagged or boxed and placed in the dumpster — oversized items should be disposed of privately or by calling the Sanitation Department of the City of Manchester for pick-up.
  No trash may be stored on decks, patios or porches as this invites pests of all kinds to our community. Please properly dispose of your trash and be considerate of your neighbors.
  Dumpers: Dumpsters are to be used for household trash only.  Card board boxes must be broken down.  It just takes a few minutes and it allows for more boxes to fit in the dumpster.

Household trash does not include the following (taken from the City of Manchester Highway Department Item Disposal List):
  • Solvents
  • Anti-freeze
  • Oil-based paints, thinners and other paint products
  • Household cleaners
  • Drain openers
  • Pesticides
  • Disinfectants
  • Flammables, including gas cans
  • Batteries: button and re-chargeable
  • CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs. CFL’s contain mercury and should be taken to a hardware store for disposal/recycling.  At the nearest Home Depot store (Quality Drive, Hooksett), the container is in the main entrance to the left of the main door to the store.
  • The City of Manchester sponsors two Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days each year (second Saturday in May and October) for the types of waste listed above.  Information can be found at their website about the collection days and items that they accept.
  • Large items (appliances, furniture, water tanks, carpeting, Christmas trees, building materials, etc.) are not to be placed in dumpsters.  They should be taken to the City of Manchester’s Drop Off Facility at 500 Dunbarton Road.  Information about the hours can be found at their website.
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  No smoking is allowed in the common hallway or vestibule. Please do not discard tobacco products/butts on property. Please be respectful of surrounding neighbors when smoking on deck/balcony.
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  Only outdoor patio furniture are allowed on the decks and flower and decorative plantings. No storage of any kind is permitted on the decks. No laundry or drying is allowed on decks. No grills are allowed on decks or within 10 feet of the building.
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  The use and storage of gas, charcoal, or other open flame grills on the property is prohibited. The grill policy is in place for the safety of all residents and is based on the City of Manchester and State of New Hampshire regulations governing the use and storage of grills within multi-family dwellings.
  Quiet Hours
  Quiet hours are from 10pm to 7am. Please refrain from vacuuming or using laundry or exercise equipment in your unit. Please use common courtesy during these hours.
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Snow Removal
  Please become familiar with the specifications below and how snow removal is handled. All residents should make arrangements to move their cars from the parking lots no later than the day after the snow stops.  This allows the snow removal company to clean the entire site for the benefit of all residents.

The following apply between the hours of 6:00am and 12:00 midnight.
  • For storms with between 1.5 inches and 5 inches of precipitation:
    • Plowing will commence before 3 inches of accumulation.
    • All roadways, entranceways and walkways will be kept open (no more than 3 inches of precipitation), though not necessarily to their full width to allow passage to the nearest public street (Countryside Boulevard) throughout the storm.
    • Cleanup will be completed within 6 hours after the conclusion of the accumulation.
  • For storms greater than 5 inches of precipitation:
    • Plowing will commence before 3 inches of accumulation.
    • All driveways, parking areas and walkways will be kept open (no more than 5 inches of accumulation), though not necessarily to their full width throughout the storm.
    • All walkways will be shoveled after 5 inches of accumulation.
    • Cleanup will be completed within 8 hours after the conclusion of the accumulation.
Ice Melt:  will be maintained at each door for use by the residents.

: The Property Management Company reserves the right to tow any vehicles that are parked or abandoned in a position that impedes proper snow removal.  The cost of towing is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.
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Power Outages
  Emergency Lights:  The batteries that power the emergency lights are designed to last about 90 minutes, which allows residents to exit the building in the case of an emergency.  They are not meant to provide lighting for the duration of a power outage.  It is always prudent to take a flashlight with you if you leave your unit during a power outage.

:  For safety reasons, the Association does not allow residents to use generators.
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Seasonal Reminders
  Batteries: Smoke Detectors should be changed at least annually - 9V batteries. Garage Door Opener Keypad - 9V battery

: Filters for heating/cooling should also be changed at least annually.  If you cannot find them locally, check www.filtersfast.com.  One of the owners has found them on this website.

Dryer Vents
: Clean annually



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